Good Advice for Healthy Feet While Using Dress Loafers

Dress loafers are great companions for walking and even running towards the nearest counter during big day sales in your favorite shopping malls. These beautiful pairs refer to shoes with moccasin-like tops without any shoelace. The heels are also flat with padded insole that will be comfortable to use when striding and because of its leather fabric and lining you can wear it even in social gatherings like a wedding. Its classic style like the penny loafers is always impressive. The versatile look will be appropriate for office wear as well. But do you know that there are many things that you can do to take good care of your feet while you wear these wonderful pair of shoes?

The following are some tips that you can employ in order to enjoy a good hygiene and a healthy feet.

Wear Socks with Your Dress Loafer

Wear cotton socks if you think you shall be exposed to dirty surroundings or extreme weather conditions. Although dress loafers can be used comfortably without socks it will be advisable to wear a pair of the latter once there is a danger of having contamination on your feet. It will also make you feel comfortable because of the soft texture of cotton. Your feet will be able to take in air that will be sufficient to give you a relaxed feeling all throughout the day.

Having foul-smelling feet will also be avoided because of the absorbent quality of the socks. A good amount of foot powder will be great for your toes since the repulsive smell from sweaty feet will be minimized if not at all removed. Apply the powder right after taking a bath in order to maintain a fresh scent all day long. If you are wearing cotton socks and will slip your feet on your comfortable loafers you will definitely enjoy a comfortable feeling while you perform your activities.

Keep your Feet Clean

After a tiring day it your feet must be washed with water to ensure cleanliness. Even if you have never walked with your bare feet on the ground the chance of accumulating a lot of germs and harmful microorganisms while you stroll along your work area or even inside your own home may cause damage to your feet. If you are a working woman you will spend most of your days with your shoes on, right? The invasion of fungi that causes athlete's foot is most likely to occur because of the moisture that will be absorbed by your toes' spaces. If you will not wash them thoroughly at night those harmful microorganisms shall mount up in number in the passing of days and before you knew it, your socks would smell obnoxiously when you remove them.

Furthermore, it will give you a relaxing feeling as you pour the warm water to your tired feet. You may also take time to massage them a little bit in order to improve the blood circulation. While washing them you will have the opportunity to check if there are minor cuts or wounds that may cause foot problems to you. Take time to inspect and do something about it.

With a healthy hygiene you can surely have a pleasant experience with your dress loafers. You can wear your favorite shirt and even revealing clothes with assurance knowing that you can hold your weight well and maintain your good posture without fear of throbbing toes. Dress loafers can be great travel companion for hale and hearty feet.