Wedge Loafers

Wedge loafers combines the style of a classic loafer with a wedge heel to freshen up the look for an easy to wear and comfortable shoe. The height of the heel may vary from low to high. Wedge loafers are more comfortable than most high heeled shoes and still give you the sexy and hot look. These kinds of loafers are also very versatile from jeans to dresses. They work with a dress up or dress down. They also make your legs look amazing.

Why Wedge Loafers

When you are looking to be stylish and sexy, choosing a nice color for your pair of wedge loafers can make a pair of jeans or a simple skirt glow. A darker color for some class and elegance while lighter and brighter color for a wild and sexy look. Make sure your wedge loafer fit you properly. Don't get something too small or too big for your size. Pick something that will suit your style and personality.

Advantage of Wedge Loafers

Women who wants to add height to their loafers without compromising comfort and those who wants to add flexibility to their outfit can take advantage of wedge loafers. They can be your perfect partner during the summer and warm weather.

Compared to stilettos, they are more comfortable since the wedge support the entire feet. You won't get cramps even when walking long distances. They are also quite modern, elegant and stylish to look at. They can be combined with any attire, be it jeans or skirt. They can be advantageous to women with bigger frames as their weight will be evenly distributed on the wedge loafers.

Wedge Loafers Beginnings

Wedge heels became famous during the 1930's since they were made known by an Italian designer. Salvatore Ferragamo made the wedge shoe using cork and wood since here was a shortage of rubber and leather. Cork was lighter than wood which made it more popular. Its sole is also more durable and tough. Due to shortage of rubber and leather during the second world war, wedges became even more popular. During the 1970's. the design of wedges became more colorful and crazy. Wedges return during the 1990's when wedge sneakers appeared.

They are popular because they provide additional height while being stable. Women wear heels to make their legs longer and improve their posture. Balance is easier on wedge loafers minimizing falls. They also offer more support that reduces foot problems and pain. Unlike other heels, most women can wear wedge loafers with comfort.