Bass Loafers

Bass loafers or Bass weejuns are the comfortable and classic traditional loafers. Bass loafers are known to be quality refined shoes that is both durable and classic in style. Loafers from bass are suitable for the office or upscale work settings and offers a variety of casual loafers. There are many collections of classic good looks that are of good quality and comfort.

The Bass Story

Bass shoes have been making shoes since the 1870's started by a shoemaker name George Henry Bass. The shoes created by Bass are known for their quality craftsmanship and design. It became tremendously popular in the 1930's because of the weejuns or loafers. The weejuns became the shoe of choice for city workers and survives today as an essential footwear among academics and corporate professionals.

Bass Loafers and More

Bass loafers is just one of the designs or style offered by Bass. Others include traditional styles of slip-ons, mocs, casuals, sandals, slides, and lace ups. Bass shoes are casual, comfortable and ideal for business settings.

Bass Loafers for Women

Bass loafers are made from full grain leather which features an instep overlay. They are the ideal formal shoes for church or corporate formal occasions. Bass loafers for women provides a classic loafer shape with a wedge heel and cushioned insole for comfort.

One of the popular loafers for women from Bass is the traditional loafer. It is made from leather with a rubber sole. The heel is not too high and the rubber sole offers good support. Its style come from traditional loafer with black and burgundy leather. It is fine for a casual weekend but more appropriate for women at work.

Bass has an excellent array of women's loafers that can match any style and color of your attire. Bass shoes are not based on the latest fashion trend and are for practical people but you don't have to limit yourself to bass loafers as there are many others to chose from.