Loafer Shoes by Styles

Loafer styles have always been simple rather than stylish but over the years loafers have become more fashionable and popular. They can be combined with almost any outfit. Typical loafers are made from high quality leather and comes in various styles. New loafer styles comes up occasionally that combines modern style with traditional style.

Plain Loafers

The typical loafer has no straps, buckles, or tassels. They remain simple and sophisticated that can be worn casually or formally.


Moccasin loafers have a thicker leather around the vamp and are popular as slippers around the house. Before loafers became popular, there were moccasins which many native Americans wore. They were hand sewn from tanned leather using rawhide as soles or rabbit fur. The style is still popular today.

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers diverges from the typical loafer with a strap across the instep of the shoe. People hoping to make a fashion statement started to put objects as ornaments on the strap. A penny was the most popular and became the name for the loafer style. Penny loafers has always been popular for both men and women.

Tassel Loafers

Tassel loafers added a tassel ornament on the instep of the typical loafer look. Many people prefer tassel loafers since they draw attention to the overall outfit without being too flashy. Tassel loafers became popular with lawyers and are often associated with them.

Loafer Pumps

Loafer pumps has stacked heels and is great for dress slacks, jeans, or skirts.

Wedge Loafers

Wedge loafers is a variation of loafer pumps using wedges instead of stacked heels. It is an ideal partner for pants and jeans if you are going for the casual look.

Driving Loafers

Driving laofers are loafers made for driving. They are very comfortable and great for long drives.

Suede Loafers

Suede loafers are more comfortable and casual. They are fashionable all year round and comes in basic colors or other unusual color choices for a richer look. Timeless suede loafers are black or brown.

Italian Loafers

Italian loafers became popular since Gucci created a loafer design with a metal buckle across the instep in a horse bit shape.

Loafer shoes and the various loafer styles has been around for decades and continue to remain stylish. These loafer styles continue to add a new flair to the classic loafers.