Driving Loafers

Driving loafers are comfortable loafers that are perfect driving. They are great for long drives and prevents your other shoes from wear and tear as you operate the pedals. They can be your luxury and use them only for driving. Driving loafers are mainly for motorists but also appeals to most of the masses. They have a simple profile that are as comfortable as slippers. Some driving loafers have leather laces, tassels, and other decorations. There are also hand sewn with suede leather and rubber sole.

During summer, you can wear your driving loafers without socks especially during high temperature days. Wearing shoes that are stiff and great during cold time may come as uncomfortable during summer. Driving loafers are practical and kind to your feet during the summer. You can wear them with shorts or trousers that are shorter.

Choosing a Pair of Driving Loafers

Your driving loafers should have a sole that is thin enough for you to be able to feel the amount of pressure needed for the pedal. The sole should also be not too thin or too soft. The shoe should have a nice grip to prevent any slip off from the pedals while you are braking or accelerating. They should have a enough ankle flexibility and not limit your movement. Your driving loafer should be able to fit you well to avoid accidentally stepping on the pedals.

Driving Loafers Brand

Car shoe, a shoe company in Italy, is said to have started the original driving moccasin in the 1960's. One of the most well known makers of driving loafers is Tod's which make their shoes in Italy since the 1970's. They have many styles to chose from that are also of high quality and are considered to be the top brand for driving loafers.