Moccasin is a comfortable shoe associated with Native Americans. Moccasins are usually made from deerskin or soft leather which allows the wear to feel the ground while protecting the feet. Moccasins have soft soles and sides made of leather stitched together near the top. Traditional moccasins are heelless leather shoes. The sole is sewn to the vamp with strips of leather allowing the sole to hug the foot. Modern designers have used moccasins as inspiration to create fashionable shoes with rubber and other fabrication.

Early Moccasins

The word moccasin means foot covering in the Algonquian language. Early moccasins are simple one piece hide and wrapped around the foot held together with a rawhide thong. It became stylised by each tribe using different decorations to depict rank and occupation. Most hunting moccasins don't have any adornment consisting only of leather wrapped around the foot. Special moccasins are beaded entirely on the top. Patterns can be floral, geometric shapes, different symbols and designs. In other parts, moccasins are hard soled to protect the wearer from sharp rocks and cacti found in western plains and desert.

Moccasin and Loafers

Loafers can be thought of as an evolution of the traditional moccasin since they are both very comfortable. Moccasins can have soles or don't need to have soles unlike loafers. Moccasin loafers are considered an all day shoes having a sole made of rubber for extreme comfort. Moccasin and loafer have a strong resemblance to each other since they are both slip on.

Moccasin Styles

The traditional moccasin was made from deer skin but modern materials include canvas, rubber, leather, and other synthetic materials. Moccasin styles also vary from heeled moccasins, driving moccasins, and lace up moccasins.

A casual moccasin offers a combination of elegance and comfort available in various colors and styles. For a more laid back look, the elegant loafer moccasin should do well. During vacation or travels, a slip on moccasin is an ideal choice. There are also moccasins for night outs that is different from other moccasins.

Moccasin for Women

Moccasins for women are one of the most comfortable and versatile style of shoes. They can either be flat or heeled with accenting embellishments like metallic motifs, beads, and tassels.