Penny Loafers

Penny loafers features a cutout in the shape of a diamond at the top, mostly moccasin, sometimes with tassels and/or other embellishments. The name penny loafer came about during the 1950s when pennies and all sorts of embellishments were often placed into the cutout. It was useful when calling through payphones was only a penny away and people used the penny on their shoes to call. Some teenagers consider putting penny on their loafers for good luck. Although once considered as only for men, today it is available for women as well with more designs and variations. Their most popular color is in black and brown but other colors are available often made from suede or leather.

Penny loafers shoes can be worn by both men and women, from work to play and even from jeans to shorts. It has since been a shoe like no other, bringing both casual fashion to men and women. Today some features of the penny loafers has been transferred and evolved to a more non-loafer kind of shoe.

Since its introduction in the 1930's, penny loafers became cool during the 50's and 60's when celebrities were seen wearing them. In the 1980's, it also became one of the trendy choices. Some of the famous people wearing them include James Dean, Micheal Jackson and John F. Kennedy.

Many women wear their loafer with stockings or socks or even no socks or no stockings at all is also widely accepted. In some casual circumstances wearing penny loafer with no socks is fashionably acceptable.

Penny Loafer Designs

Gucci manufactured a penny loafer that featured a metallic chain across the top of the shoe mimicking a horse shoe shape. This addition by Gucci made the penny loafer widely accepted as a formal footwear for business people, lawyers and school goers. Since then, the Gucci style has been copied by many loafer makers.

Many other design includes a glossy leather on the vamp with apron toe and smooth lining, addition to the sides with dual eyelets, stitched accents, leather tassels and leather fringe. Whatever style you are searching for it can also be found in penny loafer design.

This classic shoe will remain popular for its simple and clean designs and its an ideal choice for a variety of occasions and outfit combinations. This shoe still continues to be the choice of many old and new generations for all the sexes and lifestyles.