Suede Loafers

Suede is a fuzzy, soft, napped kind of leather which came from the French word "gants de Suede" which translates to gloves of Sweden. Suede loafer is one of the most popular loafer styles for women. It provides comfort and great fashion in today's fast paced world.

All shoes needs to be clean to look great especially suede shoes. Suede loafer needs suede protective spray which protects it from water and other elements. This will also make the suede loafer last longer. Although it can easily be cleaned using wet cloth on the dirty part, prevention is much preferred. The most effective way to ensure that your suede's fabric is safe is by having them professionally cleaned. Don't be surprise when you are about to pay though.

When to Wear Suede Loafers

Suede loafer shoes are better worn during moisture less days where you can be sure it will maintain its perfect look, you can also look for waterproof suede if you also want them during rainy days.

These suede loafer are the more suitable for fancy clothing version of the daily loafers, suitable for dresses, skirt, and pants. Designs include the upper gore to be strong for easy slip on and off, memory foam, smooth leather trim and a variety of colors like black, chocolate and many more. Finding the right pair can be a challenge.

Perfect when you want to feel comfortable, smart, and stylish. Suede loafers may just be the shoe that you have been missing in your collection. Whatever the season and occasion may be you can't go wrong with suede loafer.

Suede Loafers Care Tips

Suede can be easily spoiled more than leather so you need to take special care of your suede loafer shoes. If you've just got your shoe, it always make sense to use a protective spray which you can easily find at shoe stores. It will protect your show from stains and water damage. If after sometime you find scuff marks or shiny marks, get a suede brush to restore the nap.

Put your suede loafers in a shoe box wrapped in tissue paper if you are not always using them. Remember that humidity can make the suede mouldy and bright lights will fade its color. Take care of your suede loafer by keeping them in a dark and dry storage.