Tassel Loafers

Tassel loafers are great looking shoes with a loafer design and mostly has two leather tassels decorated in the front. Tassel loafers are a classic but can also be modern and compliment any outfit. Tassel loafers for women are both stylish and comfortable in design. Like other loafers, tasselled loafers are easy to wear. The tassel detail adds as a compliment and doesn't attract attention to itself.

Tassel Loafers History

Everyone needs a tassel loafer in their wardrobe which is the ideal accessory to dress up as a casual or to accent a business wear. Tassel loafers has been one of the classic loafer styles that are quite elegant. It is said that an actor who had seen something similar in Europe requested the creation of a tasselled loafer in the 1950's. After several shoemakers and design improvements being a slip on with leather lace and tassels as decoration the one we know today. The shoe was put in production in the early 1950 and became an instant success with the men from New York and Los Angeles.

After that, the tassel loafers became available in many varieties and colors and introduced to stores around the country. Tasselled loafers are created in black, brown, whiskey tan, oxbloods, burgundy, and many others.

it became popular as it became part of the preppy look in the 1950's that was inspired by young university men. They are as popular then as they are now thanks to its classic design. They also became popular with lawyers in the US. Tasselled loafer are popular in the US and Europe, while limited edition tasselled loafers in Japan are highly sought after. Tasselled loafers has had some changes in style along the years. They originally have a two tone varieties but modern times change that to a more sober and subtle color of reddish brown or oxford.

Women's Tassel Loafers

A brown tassel loafer that is an American classic loafer is hand sewn with a leather upper. It has cushioned and padded leather sole with tassel detailing. It can be worn in the office and for day walking in malls and shopping areas. The tassel on the vamp complimented with nice stitch detail enhances any outfit. Tassel loafers with tapered square toe and smooth leather lining offers a comfortable and stable feeling. Black tassel loafers for women has flat heels and resembles a boat shoe making it perfect as casual wear. A tassel loafer with khaki color can go along with almost any color because of its neutral shade.

Tassel loafers can take you from the cocktail bar and beyond with its sophisticated style and elegance without being too flashy. Owning a pair of tassel loafers is always a good decision.