Leather Loafers

´╗┐Leather loafers can express and symbolize success for both men and women. You can easily wear these shoes because they are well designed and made. A vintage style leather loafer is a sensible and sexy choice. Although leather loafers are considered casual, a quality made leather loafers are versatile and can be suited to almost any occasion. It can be combined with jeans for the weekend or a sports coat for other occasions. There are a variety of leather loafers to accommodate every ones style from leather penny loafers to sensible black leather shoes.

Loafer shoes are mostly made from leather, wood, rubber, and plastic. The are comfortable and looks great on different type of clothing in many sizes that allows for perfect fit. Leather slip on shoes are comfortable, durable, and stylish. You can't help but appreciate its shape, stitching and color. The right leather loafers teamed up with the right clothes will look great. Leather loafers that has classic and gorgeous style which you can use for casual occasions like a party or picnic. Leather loafers that are available in black or brown is perfect for afternoon walks with friends as a casual walking shoe that is both comfortable and stylish.

Cleaning Leather Loafers

Knowing how to clean leather loafers that you absolutely adore is a must especially quality made leather shoes. For great shoes to have a long life, you need to take care of them. You can use a clean damp cloth to clean your leather loafers. You also need a protection spray, leather shoe polish, and saddle soap.

You first have to remove stains and marks from the leather loafer using your saddle soap and damp cloth. Remove the stains patiently and avoid damaging the leather loafers. To restore the leather, use the shoe polish or take it to a shoe shine service. To keep the shoe clean, spray them with the protection spray.

Shining Leather Loafers

Shining the leather loafers will give the shoes more appeal and also preserve its workmanship and quality by moisturising the leather which can add life by preventing it from drying, cracking, and falling apart. To preserve the life of a good leather shoes, it should be polished once a month if they are worn on a regular basis. Clean your leather shoes as necessary and polish as needed. Be sure to clean the leather of dirt debris and other matter that attach themselves into leather.

Types of Leather Polish

There are different types of polish that come in waxes, pastes, liquids, and creams. Wax helps prevent moisture from seeping into the leather and also gives the shoe a glossy shine. Use wax if your shoes are exposed to the outdoors and its elements. It is important to apply a leather conditioner first to preserve the quality of the leather.

To add moisture to the leather, use creams and pastes. Creams and pastes soaks into the leather and penetrates its surface to cover scratches and other imperfections. They can work on both shiny and smooth leathers. It is easier to apply liquid shoe polish but it does not condition leather so use it sparingly.

How to Soften the Back of Leather Loafers

To add comfort and fit to a new leather loafer shoe which are often stiff in the back, the back of leather loafer should be softened. This can be done by slightly stretching the shoe to fit better or insert heels of added comfort. You can use a wooden insert and allow it to sit for a whole day. The insert will stretch out the leather loafer and make the back more softer. Another alternative is using newspaper and stuffing it into the leather loafers for a whole day to soften the back leather. You can also wear the leather loafer with thick socks for a day to expand the back of the leather shoe. You can also rub the back exterior with petroleum jelly and let the leather absorb it to prevent the leather loafers from drying.