Loafer Pumps

Loafer pumps are high-heeled loafers with stacked heels to give you extra height. Loafer pumps are also a great addition and twist to the classic style of loafers and pumps. The heels provide a different touch to the classic loafer shoes. They can be used everyday to add a nice touch to your wardrobe in the office or pair them with jeans depending on the style.

If you want to appear more ladylike and move away from being cute, high heeled loafer pumps may just be able to help you. To help you on the transition and you can have them paired with a classic dress or trousers.

Loafer Pumps and Court Shoes

In Europe, these high heeled slip on dress shoes are known as court shoes. Court shoes usually have no fastening with a low cut front. Mostly for women but are traditionally worn by men in formal events.

Women's Court Shoes

Women's court shoes are heeled with the heel and toe not restricted to any shape. The shape can be dictated by the current fashion trend and worn by very fashion conscious women. The shoes are made from different materials but the traditional and most popular is the patent leather. Court shoes are mostly worn with a formal or informal dresses, skirts, trousers, and jeans. Various styles are worn and associated in dancing and can be paired with different styles and outfits from jeans to formal. While loafer pumps are traditionally formal, low to mid-height types can be worn with any type of style.

Loafer Pumps for Work

There are many style of shoes available for women compared to men in style, design, and color. Appropriate shoe styles for a business setting includes mostly leather shoes with heels like the classic leather pump. Traditional loafer pumps in leather can have varying heel heights and shape with a solid color. Some styles can be more dressy than others and can have decorations.

Meetings with client or other formal events usually require dress shoes but for office hours doing administrative tasks loafer pumps are more comfortable. Leather loafer pumps are often chosen by people especially vintage styles since they last longer and never goes out of style.