Loafer Socks

Loafer socks are no show kind of socks that won't peek below most shoes. They are the kind of socks that you'll likely want to wear daily. They are hidden on the outside while helping your feet feel comfortable and dry inside. They are available in breathable and soft materials including cotton, spandex, polyester, and nylon. Most are free of seam to keep the toes from rubbing and irritating. With loafer socks, you don't have to sacrifice comfort with style.

Loafer Socks Look

If you are looking for the bare feet look while wearing socks under your penny loafers, then loafer socks is what you need. They are discreet, comfortable and dry even on hot conditions. Some loafer socks offer ways to prevent irritation, cushioned sole, and pad for protection. No show socks are known for being seamless while protecting your feet. These no show socks keep your feet dry and cool.

Penny loafers was generally worn without socks by men and was particularly popular. Women on the other hand have always worn their loafers with knee socks or stockings but penny loafer shoes without socks become acceptable. It also became fashionable as loafer shoes free of socks in casual style. It is classic to wear loafers without socks along with jeans, chinos, and blazer for men.

Women's Loafer Socks

A women's loafer socks can be made from acrylic fibers and are seamless. The polyester wicks helps in keeping the feet dry while also providing moisture to your feet. This will give your feet the feeling of dry and cool at the same time. The arch panel of women's loafer socks prevents irritation while supporting and securing the sock in place. The seamless feature will not irritate sensitive feet. A mesh instep will keep your feet comfortable and adds breathable layer. Some loafer socks that protect from irritation also prevents bacterial infection.